vindicated on the patriot act

In 2003 I wrote a college article criticizing the Republicans for expanding government (at one point indicating the Patriot Act particularly):

Bush has also recently passed the Patriot Act which destroys individual rights. Under section 215 the government is able to take property from American citizens while making it a crime for them to tell anyone about it. The Patriot Act in essence creates an increase of spying on the America people.

I was, in the next week’s paper, criticized by a fellow Opinion writer for being too paranoid.

With the new AP records revelation, the NSA scandal and the IRS scandal, am I vindicated? There is something to criticize in those who use tragedy to increase the surveillance state.

*note: do not try to find the original article; because it is very incriminating as to how far I have developed as a writer.

UPDATE: A fun link.

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