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Surprisingly my favorite Christian song is one by a pop Christian, tobyMac. The chorus covers one truth that is forgotten in modern Christianity:



Here is what I consider my theme song: Heretic Pride by the Mountain Goats. Of course, one man’s “Heretic” is another man’s “Orthodox”. The song seems to mirror the death of Stephen. An angry crowd drags a Heretic out and kills him. He endures it and experiences some sort of vision with an understanding a reckoning will occur one day:



A third song. A Calvinist claimed that some of my titles were blasphemous, such as “Jesus was dirty” (he would rather ignore Jesus’ physical nature). Is this song blasphemous? It might be written tongue-in-cheek or might be taken to read as a polemic against “modern” caricatures of Jesus. It is hard to tell. Blasphemy, like all sin, is based on intent. It does not help that blasphemy does not to seem to have a clear cut definition.



edit: A fourth song. In this one, apparently based on real events, the singer exhibits hatred of God because his wife and unborn child were killed in a hurricane. This is the consequences of the Calvinist popular portrayal of God:

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