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jewish heroes stand up against fascist

With America’s own flirting with fascism, it is ironic that it was four Jewish men who brought down a key piece of FDR’s controls, the first New Deal. Steve Horwitz details the story of the Schechter brothers, butchers from NY that refused to violate kosher laws to conform with the New Deal Continue reading

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the hatred of children

My wife and I were talking the other day. She mentioned the point at which people start looking at your strangely is when you have more than 3 children… The lastest example of the left’s hate is directed at a man with 30 children, Desmond Hatchett. Continue reading

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Lowes versus the facists

Stop for one second and imagine you lived in a country in which you could be threatened by the government for not buying a certain product. Stop pretending, the thought police are already at your doorstep. Lowes is in hot water because they pulled their advertisement from a TLC show about Muslims… Continue reading

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rephrasing the cliche

[John] Kerry said. “Fair and balanced is not giving the wealthiest people in America tax cuts while you ask people on Medicare and Medicaid to pony up more. ..” Continue reading

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the fascists occupy

What is it called when 99% of a group force their beliefs on 1%? Is this not oppression or fascism? When the 99% demand more money from the 1% is this not greed and theft? Ayn Rand writes about the oppressed minority in her Capitalism: and Unknown Ideal… Continue reading

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pro-aborts show they are intellectually dishonest

In a recent TIME opinion piece, Tim Padget writes on “hopeless” situation of getting “extreme” abortion laws passed… Continue reading

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parents kill baby whom they say they could not feed

Pro-aborts like to claim things like this do not happen. They hate hypothetical scenarios, because the hypotheticals destroy their position fairly quickly. Should this unwanted baby be murdered because the baby was unwanted? Are the parent’s liable for murder? Do parents have an obligation to their children? Demarcate the differences between this baby and a baby two minutes away from being born? Two days away from being born? Two months from being born? At what point is a baby not a baby?
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Steve Jobs – savior of the poor

Any rational person can look at how government spends money and how Steve Jobs spends money and clearly see that society would be better off not taxing Steve Jobs at all! Steve Jobs has single-handedly given society a standard of living never before imagined. What has government done except impede progress and destroy lives? Continue reading

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a few questions for Socialists on wealth creation

From a leftist paper’s online comments: People shop at Wal Mart BECAUSE they can’t afford to shop anywhere else because Wal Mart drives other businesses who pay more out. Self fulfilling prophecy! Is that how it works? This conjures up … Continue reading

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