the hatred of children

My wife and I were talking the other day. She mentioned the point at which people start looking at your strangely is when you have more than 3 children. As a rule of thumb, leftist hate human beings. They literally advocate for the murder of babies. So, one can imagine the hatred or any family then that has 12 or more children. The lastest example of the left’s hate is directed at a man with 30 children, Desmond Hatchett.

A quick glance at the comment section shows overwhelming support for forced sterilization! Forced sterilization was popular with Red China, Margaret Sanger, and Adolf Hitler. Not only is it a gross violation of liberty and human rights, it is amazingly invasive.

Here are sample

this male should be taken to the nearest animal protective facility and neutered

He’s like an animal….castrate him.

Other comments range from wanting him to use birth control or calling him an example of whatever policy the commenter opposes. None seem to focus on these wonderful 30 children, their lives, and if they wish to be alive. Having more human beings makes the world a wonderful place.

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