Lowes versus the facists

Stop for one second and imagine you lived in a country in which you could be threatened by the government for not buying a certain product. Stop pretending, the thought police are already at your doorstep. Lowes is in hot water because they pulled their advertisement from a TLC show about Muslims.

To rephrase this: Lowes decided to stop spending money to air their own commercials, and they are being threatened by the government. People, not only can no longer decide who they would like to sell to, but also who they buy from. I wonder if protestors also rant about blacks who only patronize black businesses. I doubt it.

Aside from the blatant hypocrisy, the outrage of government officials are akin to fascism:

Calling the Lowe’s decision “un-American” and “naked religious bigotry,” Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance, told The Associated Press he would also consider legislative action if Lowe’s doesn’t apologize to Muslims and reinstate its ads.

Ted Lieu wishes to use the strong arm of the state to force people to buy from others whom they do not wish. Not to be outdone by another Senator, Fox News reports: “Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) also said Lowe’s is choosing to disregard the First Amendment.”

Because Keith Ellison is not Sarah Palin, leftists will not be writing him a history lesson or even pointing out his completely erroneous view of the Constitution. The First Amendment is written that the Federal Government (namely Congress) cannot prohibit speech. It specifically reads that “Congress shall make no law”. This does not mean, Lowes cannot choose to not advertise certain places. In fact, preventing Lowes from exercising Lowes’ freedom of speech in choosing not to advertise is explicitly against the Constitution.

Lowes should be praised. Not necessarily for pulling their ads in the first place, but by standing up against fascist politicians and political correctness. They should also be praised for making amazing commercials and greatly increasing the culture of America:

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