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men and women are different

An oft heard statistic is that for every dollar a man makes, a woman makes .77 cents. The factoid itself is a sharp lesson in bad statistics. It is calculated by taking the “median” female income (not even the average!) … Continue reading

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john maynard keynes was a homosexual pedophile

Most people are aware of the term Keynesianism as the system of thought that believes the government must engage in deficit spending to create growth. John Maynard Keynes wrote The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money in 1936, and … Continue reading

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huffington post is ignorant of history

On Huffington Post, there is a new article titled: “Five Things Christian Fundamentalists Just Don’t Get”. It is approximately the quality and intelligence one would expect from an organization who regularly ignores the entire established science of economics. This particular … Continue reading

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understanding the fall of detroit

In 1907 Eugene Richter wrote a book entitled “Pictures of the Socialistic Future”. The rise of communism and socialism did not occur until decades later, which makes the accuracy of Richter’s prophecies more chilling. Ritcher applied basic economics to how … Continue reading

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detroit: the liberal utopia

Detroit has recently declared bankruptcy, a declaration overturned by a judge. It is going broke as its residents flee. Humorously, the city was featured in the Survival TV show Apocalypse Man, about how to scrounge for food and shelter in … Continue reading

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price controls topple regime

There is a major story that all Mainstream Media seems to have missed. While the MSM report on the riots in Egypt and the overthrow of the Morsi regime, they miss the real cause. Here is Michael Amerhom Youssef: More … Continue reading

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rental laws destroy more lives

The Huffington Post reports on two landlords in San Francisco that harassed and tormented their tenants over the course of 8 years. Already the story smells fishy. Why would landlords want to harass their tenants? Tenants pay rent, and landlords … Continue reading

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