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understanding the fall of detroit

In 1907 Eugene Richter wrote a book entitled “Pictures of the Socialistic Future”. The rise of communism and socialism did not occur until decades later, which makes the accuracy of Richter’s prophecies more chilling. Ritcher applied basic economics to how … Continue reading

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detroit: the liberal utopia

Detroit has recently declared bankruptcy, a declaration overturned by a judge. It is going broke as its residents flee. Humorously, the city was featured in the Survival TV show Apocalypse Man, about how to scrounge for food and shelter in … Continue reading

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price controls topple regime

There is a major story that all Mainstream Media seems to have missed. While the MSM report on the riots in Egypt and the overthrow of the Morsi regime, they miss the real cause. Here is Michael Amerhom Youssef: More … Continue reading

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rental laws destroy more lives

The Huffington Post reports on two landlords in San Francisco that harassed and tormented their tenants over the course of 8 years. Already the story smells fishy. Why would landlords want to harass their tenants? Tenants pay rent, and landlords … Continue reading

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the intellectual companions of modern leftism

Those who are classified as right-wing in modern America are often slandered as Nazis. This is a peculiar claim, as right wing Americans usually espouse individual liberty and economic freedom. The Nazis, on the other hand, were socialists to their … Continue reading

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the increasing costs of obamacare insurance posted an email by a small business who is dealing with Obamacare. The whole post is worth reading, it explains why we have a system in which health care is tied to our jobs. But showing the reality of … Continue reading

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A reoccurring theme at is gay marriage. They continually post articles about gay marriage and imply in many news links that they think it should be adopted by all states., however, is known as being a libertarian, near … Continue reading

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leftists use guns to curb state corruption

In Oakland, California Panthers would patrol the streets at night with legally owned shotguns and law books. Police brutality and false arrests dropped dramatically. The response of the State Legislature was to change the gun laws so that Black Panthers could no longer do armed patrols. The Panther’s response was to interrupt the hearings with guns and proclamations in hand. Bobby Seale, co founder of the Panthers told the press that black people had a constitutional right to bear arms to defend themselves. Continue reading

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on the progessives hurting the poor

Even the fact that slum-dwellers often joined with slum landlords to physically resist being evicted by the authorities from housing declared “sub-standard” did not cause Jacob Riis or many other reformers to reconsider whether what they were doing was really in the best interests of the people whose interests they were ostensibly protecting. It is all too easy for people with more formal schooling to believe that they know better than those directly concerned. Continue reading

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democratic science platform

The Democrats like letting everyone know, every chance they get, how scientifically scientific they are. Their latest scientific objection to overpopulation: Guam may capsize. Continue reading

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