pro-aborts show they are intellectually dishonest

In a recent TIME opinion piece, Tim Padget writes on “hopeless” situation of getting “extreme” abortion laws passed:

So if groups like Personhood USA can’t even count on Catholic USA, aren’t they just wasting our time as well as their own? Shouldn’t our national abortion conversation stop obsessing on the pro-life/pro-choice extremists and focus on the reasonable, conscience-driven approach that cohorts like Catholics are in fact taking?

The first thing to note is that it is dishonest to say that these pro-life extremists are taking even an ounce of Padget’s time. The only time he devotes to them is volunteering to write a intellectually dishonest piece about them. He did not even have to fill a circle to vote against them.

The second, and more important point, is that Padget seems to not care to understand the extremists’ position in the first place. These pro-lifers argue that an unborn baby is a human being worthy of human rights. For Padget to address an article to these prolifers telling them not to waste their time would be like telling Dietrich Bonhoeffer that he shouldn’t try to do anything to save the Jews because he had no realistic chance of stopping Jews from being murdered anyway.

Padget does make a tangential case that the unborn baby is not a human being. He lists “central nervous system” and “cerebral cortex” as traits, but never explains why these are good definitions. He also seems not to understand fetal development, and for good reason, because a good understanding would countermind his murderous belief system.

Like all pro-aborts, he does not define when an unborn baby is worthy of the right to life and delineate why. Chances are, that if he did so, it would be found that he endorses politicians and organizations that advocate murder under his own definitions, showing him to be the murderous and bloodthirsty person he is.

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