the fascists occupy


What is it called when 99% of a group force their beliefs on 1%? Is this not oppression or fascism? When the 99% demand more money from the 1% is this not greed and theft? Ayn Rand writes about the oppressed minority in her Capitalism: and Unknown Ideal:

If a small group of men were always regarded as guilty, in any clash with any other group, regardless of the issues or circumstances involved, would you call it persecution? If this group were always made to pay for the sins, errors, or failures of any other group, would you call that persecution? If this group had to live under a silent reign of terror, under special laws, from which all other people were immune, laws which the accused could not grasp or define in advance and which the accuser could interpret in any way he pleased—would you call that persecution? If this group were penalized, not for its faults, but for its virtues, not for its incompetence, but for its ability, not for its failures, but for its achievements, and the greater the achievement, the greater the penalty—would you call that persecution?

Granted, the 99% is meaningless because only 30% of Americans identify with these protests (practically the same number as the Tea Party protests). But taking their arguments at face value shows that the Occupy movement is about violence, fascism, and discrimination.

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