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libertarians on abortion

Mollie Hemingway does an excellent job defending unborn babies. Note that the creepy and weird Ronald Bailey is the same one that wrote an article suggesting only to mock creationists. Yeah, a real gem for libertarians: Video streaming by Ustream

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william lane craig debates ehrman

William Lane Craig is said by atheists to be someone atheists should never debate. Atheists self-admittedly get trounced by William Lane Craig. Here is Common Sense Atheist on the matter: Let me repeat. Craig has done 20+ years of Ph.D+ … Continue reading

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star trek is absurd

I am not a big fan of the Star Trek universe. The plot of the Star Trek always borders on extreme absurdity. One particular episode that I have always thought illustrated this is the episode in which a planet did … Continue reading

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interpretation of languages

I’ve linked to this in the past but it is worthy of its own post. In this video Joel Hoffman explains a few points about interpreting foreign languages. Although I dont totally agree with him on everything, he makes very … Continue reading

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remy videos

From the ever-amazing Remy: And: Not to mention cough drops: And my favorite, Cap and Trade:

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fun with the handicapped

Penn and Teller show some correct mistrust of the Americans with Disability Act. HT: Greg Perry Also see: why I oppose handicap parking spaces Disabling America the high cost of the ADA

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your pastor might be a psychopath

On Big Think. This video relates to the person you are “dating” but the same concepts apply to other areas of our lives as well: our boss at work, a friend in college, and even some pastors in churches: The … Continue reading

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a calvinist reads pride and prejudice

When Calvinists read the Bible they tend to pull specific verses out of context, ignore the context, and then assign random crazy concepts onto the words. They tend to allow their conceptions of God control the meaning of the text, … Continue reading

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some music

Surprisingly my favorite Christian song is one by a pop Christian, tobyMac. The chorus covers one truth that is forgotten in modern Christianity:     Here is what I consider my theme song: Heretic Pride by the Mountain Goats. Of … Continue reading

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reasontv on airbnb

An excellent profile of an amazing company by ReasonTV:

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