john maynard keynes was a homosexual pedophile

Most people are aware of the term Keynesianism as the system of thought that believes the government must engage in deficit spending to create growth. John Maynard Keynes wrote The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money in 1936, and governments have been using it as an excuse to spend more money ever since.

Even less people know of Keynes, the man. Keynes hated Victorian values, and sought a moral destruction of society:

The first was their overriding belief in the importance of personal love and friendship, while scorning any general rules or principles that might limit their own egos; and the second, their animosity toward and contempt for middleclass values and morality. The Apostolic confrontation with bourgeois values included praise for avant-garde aesthetics, holding homosexuality to be morally superior (with bisexuality a distant second), and hatred for such traditional family values as thrift or any emphasis on the future or long run, as compared to the present. (“In the long run,” as Keynes would later intone in his famous phrase, “we are all dead.”)

Keynes took his homosexuality very seriously. Being the meticulous man he was, he kept diaries of all his sexual encounters. Here are some instances from when he was around 28 years of age:

Keynes lists his sexual partners, either by their initials (GLS for Lytton Strachey, DG for Duncan Grant) or their nicknames (“Tressider,” for J. T. Sheppard, the King’s College Provost). When he apparently had a quick, anonymous hook-up, he listed that sex partner generically: “16-year-old under Etna” and “Lift boy of Vauxhall” in 1911, for instance, and “Jew boy,” in 1912.

His sexual preclusion to young boys did not stop there. Although his later diaries were encrypted, he visited plenty of places when child sex was en vogue. From a very disturbing biography on Keynes:

He and his fellow leftist reformers however, had no compunction in exploiting human degradation and misery in Tunis, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and Constantinople (Istanbul). These served as convenient spawning grounds for the establishment of enclosed brothels filled with children, who were compelled to satisfy the unnatural lusts of high-born English socialists.

Keynes always ready to guide others freely advised his fellow debauchees to go to Tunis, “where ‘bed and boy’ were also not expensive.”

To make matters worse:

In academic deviate circles, Keynes acquired underground fame as a skilled connoisseur who was able to spot potential material for future debauchment among the male children at Eton (eight to sixteen years of age), as well as the youth of Cambridge. The Keynes-Strachey correspondence is replete with reports of such expeditions to both Eton and Cambridge University.

Although a being an evil person does not make someone intellectually wrong, it should give pause to thought. If Keynes valued the short term, the here and now, instant gratification, and a destruction of the family, what are the effects of the policy he advocated?

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