the trump phenomenon

82Ou8PGThere is a strange wind brewing in the American political scene. The Republican nomination is quite likely to be given to a complete political outsider, who is garnering massive grassroots support. This individual is none other than the continually bankrupt and crass Donald Trump.

His speeches seem not to advocate any particular policy except broad statements about making Mexico build a wall on the border and threats against trade with China. On all the issues he stakes a position that is forever changing. His position seems to be whatever is on his mind at the time a question is asked. Literally, Trump appears to come up with positions on the spur of the moment, no matter how ludicrous those answer are.


So why is Trump massively popular? Sargon of Akkad points out that Trump is being attacked in full by the media. They call him racist, sexist, and everything in between. Sargon’s video was in response to an episode by John Oliver which is expressly
dedicated to attacking Trump. But Trump’s polls remain unaffected. As Milo Yiannopoulos points out, even after being called racist, Trump polls better among minorities than any other historical Republican candidate. Trump also polls well with Democrats. cuts to the heart of the matter:

The crowd at Rutgers—and at Yiannopolos’s other appearances—certainly suggests that some students are sick to death of the liberal orthodoxies being drilled into them during every waking moment of their time in school. What if millions of Americans feel the same way?

“Nobody votes for Trump or likes Trump on the basis of policy positions,” Yiannopoulos told me. “That’s a misunderstanding of what the Trump phenomenon is.”


This has a lot to do with why people support Trump. They know that the academic elites despise them and their culture, and are going to try to educate their children into hating themselves and their culture. Can Trump stop AU or any other university from doing this? Of course not, and we would not want to live in a country where POTUS has that kind of power. But a vote for Trump is a vote against the class that’s doing this p.c. indoctrination. They know that Trump doesn’t give a rat’s rear end about p.c. — and they love that about him.

Cheering on the likes of Trump and Yiannopoulos might just be one way for them to cope with that perceived reality. Trump’s naysayers claim—with good reason—that his candidacy is a disaster for the Republican Party: his election to the presidency would destroy the country. But that’s a selling point for his supporters—not because they love destruction, but because they’re suffering under the status quo, too. At least with Trump, they can enjoy the show and collect some small measure of vengeance against their PC overlords.

The Trump phenomenon is not about issues. It is not about taxes or immigration or guns or abortion. When people attempt to attack Trump on these fronts, they are misunderstanding what he represents to Trump supporters. Trump represents a victory by the common man (Trump polls best among the least educated) against the social justice warriors and liberal elite.

*This article is in no way endorsing Trump, but instead explaining his popularity.

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4 Responses to the trump phenomenon

  1. OriginalTruthMovement says:

    From my observaton, people like Trump because they know the US is run b an elite shadow government bent on a NWO global dictatorship and they believe Trump is not an establishment candidate, that he will stop what these people are doing to destroy the country and its people. It may be that Trump is changing his tune as he gets educated on what the narrative is by the people who know about it, Therefore he may be changing his plans according to the will of the people who have had enough and know what is going on. If Trump is being real and honest. Than I think he would be the best president we have had in a long while. It seems pretty much all the NWO establishment people are against him. Of course we must strongly consider if this is all just a big sadistic sophisitcated master plan to deceive the American people that they are really finally getting the a Constitutional America back and when he gets in he’ll do just like Obama, but it seems hard to believe and maybe farfethced when observing how desperate the elite are to stop Trump, but I won’t put it past them. Therefore if the election is corruptly stolen from Trump, the masses must start a revolution. If Trump is a liar and when he gets in it was all a big twisted plan by the elite and he is not going to bring freedom back through bringing back the Constitutional Republic, then there must be a revolution by the masses. Of course the whole system of the US must eventually change if it wants to survive and be truly based off the Bible. And I doubt any revelotion will have any success without nationwide repentance by the majority, especially proffessing Christians.

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  3. Will G. says:

    His popularity is about immigration. If he were to discard building the wall his candidacy would fail. That is a brave position to take in this environment. That is why people love him. He exposed how controlled the other Republican candidates were concerning immigration. He deserved to win. Whether the country has already been too changed demographically (immigrants vote 8/2 for Dems) to elect him remains to be seen. Mitt Romney would have won in a bigger landslide than Reagan if the ethnic make up were the same as it was in 1980.

    • I’m not sure Romney has Reagan’s charisma. Milo has an interview with someone from Reagan’s team who compares the qualities of Reagan and those of Trump. He points to the non-apologetic nature as the key defining attribute.

      I agree with you about the wall, which resonates with Trump’s core.

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