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on tariffs and coersion

Don Boudreaux on import tariffs: If American shrimpers waved guns in consumers’ faces and threatened to shoot if these consumers insist on buying low-priced imported shrimp rather than buy higher-priced domestic shrimp, such thievery would be punished with jail time. … Continue reading

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proxy sins

In the modern world, people sometimes attempt to claim that they are not sinning because the sin is removed a few levels from their action, although their action is causing the sin. If a scientist builds a virus knowing it … Continue reading

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sins are situational

In claiming that all lies are not sins, I have been accused of situational ethics. The term “situational ethics” is popularly known by the concept “the ends justify the means”. Of course, this is a false concept. It would be … Continue reading

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on God and the ability to lie

When attempting to discuss God and the ability to lie it is first important to define the terms. A lie is quite literally a statement with intent to deceive. If the time were 3:30 and someone, knowing the actual time, … Continue reading

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the origin of impeccability

Impeccability is the doctrine that God (and/or) Jesus “could not” sin, as opposed to “did not” sin. There is a distinction. In one model God and Jesus are incapable of sinning and in the other model God and Jesus choose … Continue reading

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God is who He is

Exo 3:14 And God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And He said, “Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’ ” Calvinists use this verse as their cornerstone. In … Continue reading

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minimum wage maximum economic ignorance

Huffington Post is it at again. Showing their disdain for science, a new article declares that: The minimum wage debate is a shining example of the left’s vigor and academic prowess. Sadly, that is true. The minimum wage debate is … Continue reading

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mcdonalds and losing weight

There is immense social hate towards McDonalds. Whenever McDonalds appears in the news, it is as if the entire country joins in the “two minutes of hate”. Opponents of McDonald’s believe that McDonald’s provides magical food. They believe that McDonald’s … Continue reading

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gdp and trade deficits

A recent letter to the editor which stated that the American trade deficit lowers America’s GDP. Specifically: “When an American firm moves production offshore, the United States’ Gross Domestic Product declines by the amount of offshore production, and the foreign … Continue reading

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safeguard your children from molesters

Today I listened to a couple child sex crime detectives discuss the state of child pornography and child sex crimes in America. The audience cringed and squirmed as the detectives cited their statistics. They had a backlog of 80 cases … Continue reading

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