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the summum bonum

It is important to understand Augustine’s teaching on the ultimate good (summun bonum) because it is the source of many doctrines in modern Christianity. Without this key teaching, many of the negative attributes of God may have never solidified. It … Continue reading

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john maynard keynes was a homosexual pedophile

Most people are aware of the term Keynesianism as the system of thought that believes the government must engage in deficit spending to create growth. John Maynard Keynes wrote The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money in 1936, and … Continue reading

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God and his testimony

Greeks appear to stress a theology of divine being, Hebrews of divine action… there is a tendency to identify the divine attributes by a list of ‘omni’s’ and negatives – omnipotent, omniscience, omnipresent, infinite, eternal, and the rest – and … Continue reading

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on tariffs and coersion

Don Boudreaux on import tariffs: If American shrimpers waved guns in consumers’ faces and threatened to shoot if these consumers insist on buying low-priced imported shrimp rather than buy higher-priced domestic shrimp, such thievery would be punished with jail time. … Continue reading

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proxy sins

In the modern world, people sometimes attempt to claim that they are not sinning because the sin is removed a few levels from their action, although their action is causing the sin. If a scientist builds a virus knowing it … Continue reading

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sins are situational

In claiming that all lies are not sins, I have been accused of situational ethics. The term “situational ethics” is popularly known by the concept “the ends justify the means”. Of course, this is a false concept. It would be … Continue reading

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on God and the ability to lie

When attempting to discuss God and the ability to lie it is first important to define the terms. A lie is quite literally a statement with intent to deceive. If the time were 3:30 and someone, knowing the actual time, … Continue reading

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