tucker on the unnoticed new world

Jeffery Tucker from a Facebook post (May 2014):

A new world is dawning. Do you see it? It is all around you. The state control over the 20th century is giving way to a people-controlled world of the 21st century. It is emerging bit by bit, peer to peer, one small technological improvement at a time. It is creating new habits, new ways of thinking, new institutions, new and better ways to engage, create, associate, and empower. It is the great trajectory of our times, the relentless march away from authoritarian control toward freedom. By historical standards, it is happening at light speed, but because we are embedded in the revolution day-by-day, we are too willing to treat it as the daily grind. Actually it is not. All acts of creativity are beautiful, but a globally cooperative embrace of creativity put into action to improve lives — a dramatic break with what has been known and what is expected and what is planned — is an awesome thing to behold.

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