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is music piracy communism?

To show the absurdity of the term Communism being associated with “Intellectual Property” one needs only to show the failure of “Intellectual Property” to have an actual real definition… Other people invent words all the time, which I use freely without giving them compensation. Does this fact make every advocate of “Intellectual Property” a “word” Communist? Continue reading

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the dinosaurs will die

Hollywood, your days are limited. Look to the record companies and mainstream media as your future. You are slowly dying because people crave freedom. Continue reading

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in the copyright news

Just as homosexuals have to keep changing their group identification name (queer, gay, homosexuals, etc) because their actions naturally discredit the word, copyright infringers seem to be having the opposite effects on their group name Continue reading

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the Christian case against copyright

In this video I explain why Copyrights, Patents and Intellectual Property are not moral laws. I show they are a fictional concept not identified as a sin in the Bible. Continue reading

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