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mao was worse than hitler and stalin

Source Hitler is often cited as the example of the most evil person in existence. I suspect this is due to leftist’s love of communism and their attempts to whitewash history. FDR’s beloved “Uncle Joe” killed three times as many … Continue reading

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On the petty, unscientific character of Galileo

A Guest Post By Jon Fisher David Bentley Hart’s book Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies is a strong polemic against much of the misinformation surrounding Christian theology and history. Beginning with a short dismissal of the New Atheist (TNA) movement … Continue reading

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movie review – exodus: gods and kings

I have to admit, as soon as I saw that Ridley Scott was directing an Exodus movie I was thrilled. I know Scott is not Christian. But with the care he treated Robin Hood and his visionary creation of Blade … Continue reading

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baptism in the mystery cults

From Samuel Angus’ The Mystery Religions: Baptisms, or lustral purifications according to carefully prescribed forms, were required. Says Tertullian: ‘In certain Mysteries, e.g. of Isis and Mithra, it is by baptism (per lavacrum) that members are initiated… in the Apollinarian … Continue reading

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aslan on james against paul

From Reza Aslan’s Zealot: Regardless, by the year 57 C.E., the rumors about Paul’s teachings could no longer be ignored. And so, once again, he is summoned to Jerusalem to answer for himself. This time, James confronts Paul directly, telling … Continue reading

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the development of predestination in augustine

From Augustine, Manichaeism and the Good by Kam-lun E. Lee (dissertation for the Saint Paul University, 1996): Augustine’s development of the idea of predestination reveals the Manichaean concept of the Good [the Summum Bonum] at work in three ways: on … Continue reading

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aslan describes the temple

The entire book is worth buying for this chapter alone. Aslan describes the temple in Jerusalem in his book Zealot: The Temple of Jerusalem is a roughly rectangular structure, some five hundred meters long and three hundred meters wide, balanced … Continue reading

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johnson on allende

The Chilean coup by Pinochet (1973) supplanted the rule of Allende. Allende’s rule had been utterly disastrous. From Paul Johnson’s Modern Times: But Allende was a weak man with a divided, part-revolutionary following, which quickly slipped from his control. While … Continue reading

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aslan defines messiah

From the very recommendable book “Zealot” by Muslim author Reza Aslan: Messiah means “anointed one.” The title alludes to the practice of pouring or smearing oil on someone charged with divine office: a king, like Saul, or David, or Solomon; … Continue reading

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understanding psalms 139

King David, as I have written before, was a great Open Theist poet. King David’s psalms praise God for God’s careful and meticulous involvement in King David’s own life. King David was God’s anointed, and King David was very keen … Continue reading

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