making the state irrelevant

Politicians consistently attempt to control every aspect of life. They wish to tell us what to eat, what we can and can’t buy, who we can do business with, who we must do business with, and an entire host of other things. But people are not lifeless driftwood to be placed and shaped by politicians, people respond by figuring out ways to bypass the state.

The state imposes copyright laws, underground printers go into production. In the digital age this expands into filesharing. When politicians crack down on filesharing, filesharing goes to distributed networks. When politicians help companies go after individuals on distributed networks, individuals turn to proxy servers. People will always be smarter than the government.

Now, with 3d printing, even more control by the state is deemed obsolete. Everyone who has been paying attention knows that magazine limits could be bypassed by 3d printing, but now a successfully fired gun has been produced as well. Huffington Post reports: “The worst part? It’s legal.”

Fox News does a slightly better job in reporting:

Wilson, who test fired the gun himself, said the goal with the Liberator is to highlight how technology can render laws and governments all but irrelevant.

Better worded by a hostile commenter on Huffington Post:

Marinfan… Cody Wilson is an anarchist and his stated goal is to show that through technology that government will not fall because of violent uprising, but because it will be antiquated and irrelevant.

Technology, not political reform, is mankind’s best chance at escaping the strong arm of the state.

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2 Responses to making the state irrelevant

  1. Tom Torbeyns says:

    Not sure I agree with this article… I still strongly believe in Minarchism :-)

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