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obfuscation and illustrations

When in debates, especially concerning theology, there is a tendency for each side to accuse the other of trying to switch topics. In a field as wide as theology, where different people have a wide number of interconnected beliefs which … Continue reading

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overstating your case

People inherently think that they are correct. If people did not think they were correct, they would not hold those particular views. And although everyone claims not to be perfect, few people show real actions that confirm that they think … Continue reading

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omnipresence and rational irrationality

When I was about 14 years old, I approached my father to ask him a theological question. I had, ever since I was little, been taught God was omnipresent (that he was everywhere at once). But on this particular day … Continue reading

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pro-aborts show they are intellectually dishonest

In a recent TIME opinion piece, Tim Padget writes on “hopeless” situation of getting “extreme” abortion laws passed… Continue reading

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