ehrman on dispensationalism

Although Bart Ehrman does not use the term “Acts 9 Dispensationalist”, he makes very simlar points in the book Peter, Paul, and Mary Magdalene:

As I’ve intimated, Paul’s own writings show that not everyone agreed with this view of the law, including Peter. We never hear his side of the argument in Antioch—just Paul’s. One can only wonder whether Peter readily yielded and agreed that he’d been bested. It seems rather unlikely. Certainly the other missionaries who came to Galatia in Paul’s wake disagreed with him, insisting that it was their message that had been given by God. In fact, as we’ll see in a later chapter, virtually everywhere Paul went, he had opponents who taught different understandings of the Christian message, all of whom, naturally, believed they were right and Paul was wrong. What a pity for historians that the other sides of these stories have not been preserved.

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