morrell defines moral government theology

On Facebook, Jesse Morrell answers a question that was asked of him about Moral Government theology. Moral Government theology seems to be a strong movement in grassroots Christianity.

“moral government theology… Can you explain what you mean?”

God has a moral government over mankind. He has created us moral agents and has given us a moral law. And His moral law has sanctions. Sinners are rebels against the moral government of God. We deserve the governmental punishment of hell for our crimes. But God, as the Moral Governor of the Universe, offers us pardon. The reason He can offer us pardon without weakening or dishonoring His moral law is because He provided His own son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins, providing a substitute for the penalty that we deserve. Now the penalty we deserve can be remitted by His grace and mercy, if we will but repent and believe the gospel.

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