God does not condescend to man

As a last resort, when Calvinists have exhausted all other ways to misinterpret and ignore various verses of the Bible, they fall back to the claim “God was condescending to human understanding when He wrote the Bible.”

The problem with the claim that the verses were written to “our understanding” is threefold:

1. The text itself does not suggest this. In fact the only way that verses “written to our understanding” are even flagged is because they contradict Augustinian theological notions about God.

2. Modern Calvinists claim to understand the true God, the one above the text. In other words, they are claiming they can understand theology that ancient Israel could not comprehend.

3. The events in the text do not have a second meaning. Even if God was writing to “our” understanding, what does “covering Moses with God’s hand and then showing Moses God’s backside” mean? Why is it in the Bible? What is it communicating?

Claiming that “God is condescending to men” is an intellectually bankrupt position. It is dishonest to the text.

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