revealing quote by early Christian critic

In a now lost (burned) book by early Church critic Porphyry, he points out that the Christians of his time abandoned the literal interpretation of the Bible to embrace theology foreign to the Bible. As recorded in Eusibius’ Church History:

Some persons, desiring to find a solution of the baseness of the Jewish Scriptures rather than abandon them, have had recourse to explanations inconsistent and incongruous with the words written, which explanations, instead of supplying a defense of the foreigners, contain rather approval and praise of themselves. For they boast that the plain words of Moses are enigmas, and regard them as oracles full of hidden mysteries; and having bewildered the mental judgment by folly, they make their explanations.

Edit: As a post note. This was a common criticism levied by Jews, Manicheans, Donatists, Gnostics (who wanted to claim the OT God was a lesser God), and Platonists. Celsus writes the same criticism:

The more modest of Jewish and Christian writers give all these things an allegorical meaning; and, Because they are ashamed of these things, they take refuge in allegory.

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