eating twice a day is gluttony

In Athenaeus’ Banquet of the Learned, he quotes Plato talking about his visit to Italy. Now Athenaeus lived around 200AD and Plato lived around 400BC, but both authors seem to think of multiple daily meals as exuberance. Here is Plato (also quoted by Athenaeus):

With these thoughts in my mind I came to Italy and Sicily on my first visit. My first impressions on arrival were those of strong disapproval-disapproval of the kind of life which was there called the life of happiness, stuffed full as it was with the banquets of the Italian Greeks and Syracusans, who ate to repletion twice every day, and were never without a partner for the night; and disapproval of the habits which this manner of life produces.

The modern Christian must understand the world around the time of Christ. As I have written before, when Jesus is talking about poor people he is not talking about the American poor. The American poor are richer than anyone alive in Jesus’ time. Jesus is talking about real poverty.

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1 Response to eating twice a day is gluttony

  1. Tom Torbeyns says:

    Isn’t he talking about people eating twice a day till they have to puke?

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