non-sequitur calvinists

In this video, a slightly bearded man attempts to mock “Arminians” as to what their prayer should be.

Follow his logic.

1. There has been a bunch of meetings about this; we even wrote out prerecorded statements. Why aren’t Christians convinced yet?

2. When Arminians pray they are not consistent. He then quotes Charles Spurgeon’s mocking prayer.

3. The apostle Paul states that we shouldn’t boast, and that obviously means we had no part in anything so we cannot possibly boast.

How many non-sequiturs can a Calvinist introduce into one video?

1. This is the fallacy known as an Appeal to Authority. What is really interesting is that these authoritative decisions to which he appeals often exclude people who are not like minded. It would be like a fundamentalist at the Jesus Seminar.

2. This is the fallacy known as a Straw Man. Those who say we have free will do not believe God is forced to give salvation. But because God offers salvation based on parameters, we can choose to accept His free gift. If I was giving out candy for Halloween, the children coming to my door can use their own free will to accept my gift. The ones who do not choose to come to my door have used their will to not accept my free gift. And, why on earth would someone be praying about how they are happy they are saved and others are not? Those who believe in free will would pray that the unsaved would be saved. The Calvinists have a fixation of being “chosen” or “elect” (aka better than everyone else), and they try to project their megalomania on everyone else. Lastly, the narrator also just assumes the mocking prayer is blasphemous without ever explaining why.

3. This is a faulty generalization. The video narrator quotes Ephesians 9:

Eph 2:8 For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God,
Eph 2:9 not of works, lest anyone should boast.

Paul was not saying: “you have no volition in being saved and thus you should not boast.” Paul was saying “your faith was a gift, you did not earn it, thus you should not boast.” You still have to choose to accept a gift. In no culture is a gift something that is forced upon someone. The entire theme of Romans is not about volition, but the dynamics of works in salvation.

The strange bearded man actually believes he is making some sort of coherent argument.

I have my own mocking Calvinist prayer:

Dear Lord,

Why on Earth are you forcing me to pray? It wastes my time and yours.


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4 Responses to non-sequitur calvinists

  1. Adam Gadomski says:

    LOVE it!!!!!!!!

  2. Tom Torbeyns says:

    Seriously, that video makes me puke… An Arminian does not boast of coming out of his own strength. Not even the true Pelagius did this. It is only in Augustine’s (and his spiritual children, the Calvinist’s) imagination.

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