miracle fatigue

The modern world really doesn’t understand our current wealth. A large section of society even believes they would be able to survive off the land if they were forced to do so. Nature wants to kill us, it is only technology that has made our modern lives possible. We have gone from a world in which 50% of children did not live past age 10, to a society in which children age 19 and under suffer a annual 65 in 100,000 mortality rate. And no one understands or cares! Jeffery Tucker uses the term “miracle fatigue” for the concept that amazing things happen all around us that we just take for granted:

Oddly, hardly anyone seems to care, and even fewer care about the institutional force that makes all this possible, which is the market economy. Instead, we just adjust to the new reality. We even hear of the grave problem of “miracle fatigue”—too much great stuff, too often. Truly, this new world seems to have arrived without much fanfare at all… We adjust to amazing things and don’t think much about their source or the system that produces them.

We should all take Louis CK to heart:

To hear Jeffery Tucker’s audio see:

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