comparing to God

To what extend do we understand Isaiah’s writings about God being incomparable? From Act and Being:

But we find also, earlier in the chapters attributed to this prophet, apparent support for the negative theology. The question is repeated: ‘To whom then will you compare God? What image will you compare him with?’ (Isa 40.18) ‘”To whom will you compare me? Or who is my equal?”, says the Holy One’ (v. 25). The form of the questions might clearly expect the answer, ‘Nothing’, and yet the whole of the passage is set in the context of a revealed theology of creation in which affirmations of a wholly positive kind are made about God’s power as it is manifest in creative action. The God of this writer is known though his redemptive historical action, and it is this which founds Isaiah’s confidence that God is Israel’s goel, or next of kin, the word that has come to be translated ‘redeemer’ and so to form the basis for a whole theology of God’s holy love.

Even when God is attributed claims of incomparability, it is in the context of positive action, positive theology.

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