mcdonalds and losing weight

There is immense social hate towards McDonalds. Whenever McDonalds appears in the news, it is as if the entire country joins in the “two minutes of hate”. Opponents of McDonald’s believe that McDonald’s provides magical food. They believe that McDonald’s hamburgers have unique health properties that experts are still discovering. The poor of this country have two options: starve to death or become massively obese by McDonald’s food. There is no such thing as a skinny or healthy person who eats only McDonald’s (maybe they all died of malnourishment). It is claimed (and I talk to these people all the time) that the poor cannot afford healthy food and are forced to eat McDonald’s food (which makes them fat). Tell me your secrets, McDonald’s.

I go to McDonald’s, and I go often (because I get a steep discount). If I was paying full price, I don’t know how I could afford it. A hamburger meal might cost $8-9 dollars. That is feeding one individual! When I host company at my house I serve Caesar Salad because the per person cost is extremely low. $1.50 for the Romaine lettuce, $1 for the Caesar dressing, $3 for chicken and seasoning, and $1 for cheese. This feeds 4-5 people with leftovers. This is less than $2 per person. For $2, one person cannot even get two items from the dollar menu (remember tax). The claim that the poor cannot afford to eat healthy is a gross distortion of reality.

But beyond all that, my meals at McDonald’s have netted me a weight loss over the last few months. The trick is their 5 calorie lemonade (I haven’t seen any official policy stating obese people are required to drink pop, although I haven’t yet looked in the manager’s office). Limiting consumption is key. Soso Whaley showed that she could eat healthy at McDonald’s around the same time Morgan Spurlock was proving that eating an ungodly amount of food makes someone fat. Also listen to this audio which mocks Mr Spurlock.

The health harms are vastly overstated, as evident by this girl (still alive) who has eaten nothing but McDonalds chicken nuggets over the last 15 years. This is eating one food type, which no one in their right mind should do for 15 years. But she is still alive. Notice also that she isn’t fat (by my subjective definition of the word).

Contrary to the two minutes of hate, McDonalds is a wonderful organization who provides good food to poor Americans. They serve “billions and billions”, not because they are serving poison on a stick, but because they give people good food for their money. This is not to mention the amazing boon to cross country drivers with young children. McDonalds’ PlayPlace (or as my children call it “Old McDonnald’s had a Playplace”) might have saved millions of children from aggravated homicide by frustrated parents.

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3 Responses to mcdonalds and losing weight

  1. silver price says:

    for example, foods like krabs, lobster, and steak are very expensive. In the United States, what foods do the poorest of the poor usually get? Give me a long list of foods that poor people eat. and why?

    • Sir,

      When I was living on $300 per month ($200 of that on rent), I ate:
      re-fried beans, tortilla chips, salsa
      frozen pizza (I layered it with white rice (so yummy))
      pancakes and eggs
      chicken nuggets
      pop (mainly coke)

      For fast food:

      I ate these because they were cheap and I was poor. I weighed a lot less than now, and I was healthier. I also had more hair (although I am not sure of cause and effect there). I’m not exactly sure where you are going with your post.

  2. Silver Price says:

    Lazyness=Unhealthy=Expensive You can easily buy foods in the raw at a decent price and be extremely healthy. Chicken, roasts, vegetables, rice and potatoes all can be cooked very easily with healthy results. Some people are just lazy and buy expensive and unhealthy processed foods all the time.

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