why the state necessarily means coercion

Starting at the 3:30 mark and ending around 5:23 mark, this video does a good job explaining why the state necessarily means coercion.

Where I diverge from the video is where they say if a family has a house and their great ancestors stole the land it is on, that the great ancestors of the people from whom they stole it can walk over and lay claim to the house. This seems nonsensical. A family, their entire life they are living on a piece of land, they developed it, they may have bought it from someone, and now someone who never owned it in the first place can lay claim to it because a person from the past that they have never met once owned it? Doesn’t pass the sniff test.

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4 Responses to why the state necessarily means coercion

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  3. That goes into the question of whether Germans have to give houses to the Jews whose houses were stolen during the holocaust.

  4. I think at least minarchism is required and not every country is like a brutal dictatorship.

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