mises on copyright enslavement

Mises.org has a well crafted blog which seems to devote a large portion of their posts to fighting copyright. They have one post listing the horror files of copyright.

A few good “files”:

Pro wrestler sues rapper over hand gesture: Yet Another Example of how Intellectual Property is Partial Enslavement (trademark)

Man faces prison for helping people modify their own game consoles: Judge Bars ‘Fair Use’ Defense in Xbox Modding Trial;

Ford Slaps Brand Enthusiasts, Returns Love With Legal Punch, AdRants (Jan. 14, 2008) (Ford Motor Company claims that they hold the rights to any image of a Ford vehicle, even if it’s a picture you took of your own car);

Copyrights/trademarks and patents are a luddite invention holding people in slavery. Copyright in a digital age is uncalculably damaging, as illustrated in these images:

image 1

image 1

Btw. The reason we do not have “mini-games” during loading screens in video games, is because it is copyrighted.

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