quotes vol 1

“mutual hostility of fascist and Marxism movements has always primarily been a case of the orthodox hating the heretic more than the infidel.”-Brian Caplan

“People low in Stability, on the other hand, habitually blow minor problems out of proportion. Even when they live in First World countries, they manage to convince themselves that the sky is falling. Their typically neurotic response is to beg for Big Brother to save them from their largely imaginary problems. When government solutions don’t work out, they misinterpret it as further proof that life is hopeless – not that their “solutions” were ill-conceived.” -Bryan Caplan

“It is an open question whether regulation by fallible human beings is not more dangerous than the much-maligned free-for-all where people must watch their step.” -Anthony de Jasay

“No matter that most of what they are told about such an order is hot air, they believe in it as they long for a world where they own their jobs and cannot be fired, where prices are “just” and do not fluctuate, where healthcare is free, pensions safe, and perhaps above all, nobody earns much more than they do.” -Anthony de Jasay

“It would be silly to forfeit potential consumption today, in the form of tighter emissions cutbacks, if our descendants would perceive a greater benefit from our channeling those savings into more traditional investments that would make them wealthier.” – Robert Murphy

“In any event, unequal affluence holds out more hope for the poor than equal poverty.” -Anthony de Jasay

“When government planners build roads, they have little incentive to control costs. Unlike private firms, they do not make greater profits when they keep costs down. In fact, bureaucracies often benefit by maximizing their budgets.” -Benjamin Powell

“The only object he professed to have in view was the good of the people; a suspicious phrase, usually meaning the good of the individual.” – William H Prescott

“Bailing out the banks may be pro-business. However, it is anti-capitalist. In a capitalist system, it is as important that businesses be allowed to fail as it is for them to be allowed to succeed.” – Arnold Kling

“The national income is not an irrigation network where you can reduce the flow of water into one ditch and increase it in the other. The tacit supposition that income is independent of its distribution is absurd, yet it is just as plausible to the untutored mind as the idea that the earth is flat is plausible to all who trust their eyes and have never been told the contrary.” -Anthony de Jasay

“But it is not shocking that the well-to-do is left unimpressed by the argument that it is a moral duty for the minority to pay for the good ideas of the majority.” -Anthony de Jasay

“Remember, politics is not about policy. It is about group status.” –Arnold Kling

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