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the origin of impeccability

Impeccability is the doctrine that God (and/or) Jesus “could not” sin, as opposed to “did not” sin. There is a distinction. In one model God and Jesus are incapable of sinning and in the other model God and Jesus choose … Continue reading

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platonic and calvinist interpretations

Calvinists have a tendency to read into specific texts some ideas that are not present. That is the only way they can still claim the Bible as true while holding onto their platonistic ideas. Philo of Alexandria was the first … Continue reading

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platonist concept of time

Here is Plato in Timeaus: …Now the nature of the ideal being was everlasting, but to bestow this attribute in its fulness [sic] upon a creature was impossible. Wherefore he resolved to have a moving image of eternity, and when … Continue reading

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God is not omnipresent

A few weeks ago, my 3 year old daughter asked me “where is God?” Before I could respond one of my 5 year old boys interjected with the Christian cliché “God is everywhere.” I looked straight at him and asked: … Continue reading

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the secrets of the mystery cults

The mystery cults were the pagan secretive cults that flourished during the rise of Christianity. Many Christian fathers used mystery language or adhered to mystery teachings. Christian similarities to mystery cults might even explain Christianity’s rapid expansion. But several teachings … Continue reading

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plato on immutability

Compare this dialogue in Plato’s Republic to modern Calvinists: And what do you think of a second principle? Shall I ask you whether God is a magician, and of a nature to appear insidiously now in one shape, and now … Continue reading

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