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my discussion with one of the little rock nine (or irrationality in politics)

Around 2004, I was taking a college class in Discrimination and Law. The purpose of this class was to examine the legal rules and processes behind discrimination lawsuits. The content of this class was very infuriating, describing burdens of proof … Continue reading

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mao was worse than hitler and stalin

Source Hitler is often cited as the example of the most evil person in existence. I suspect this is due to leftist’s love of communism and their attempts to whitewash history. FDR’s beloved “Uncle Joe” killed three times as many … Continue reading

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voting for laws is voting for murder

Recently, national attention has been drawn to the case of Eric Garner. Garner was confronted by police for selling untaxed cigarettes. Garner claimed innocence over the “crime” of selling an otherwise legal product without oversight from the government, but the … Continue reading

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when vanderbilt beat government corruption

From Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal: When Vanderbilt began to organize several small, obscure railroads into what was to become the New York Central system, he had to obtain a franchise from the City Council to permit his railroad, the New … Continue reading

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the nirvana fallacy

From a post by David Henderson: When people advocate government intervention, they rarely, maybe never, tell us how the incentives will be set up so that government will do the right thing. Think about how asymmetric the argument is. Incentives … Continue reading

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the black market for legal controlled drugs

A while back, I listened to an NPR story about black market drugs. These were normal drugs like Viagra and pimple medication. Because patents and copyrights create a framework for overpriced medicine, black markets in generic knockoffs are thriving. The … Continue reading

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government licensing

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