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all I really need to know I learned from video games – part 2

Another game I played during my summer months while home from college was RuneScape. In RuneScape, individuals can fish, mine, chop trees, cook, or pick from a dozen other skills to level. Each skill produces items which can be sold … Continue reading

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a few questions for Socialists on wealth creation

From a leftist paper’s online comments: People shop at Wal Mart BECAUSE they can’t afford to shop anywhere else because Wal Mart drives other businesses who pay more out. Self fulfilling prophecy! Is that how it works? This conjures up … Continue reading

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Industrial Revolution and Child Labor

It is sickening, those who advocate child labor laws. Laws are filled with unintended consequences. Their very purpose is to use force to stop people from performing mutually beneficial activities. These laws, quite literally, “steal jobs away from children.” These children often starve, dig through garbage, or turn to prostitution. It makes me sick when Americans advocate ruining the lives of these precious children. Continue reading

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Why did Ford double wages?

When competition is allowed, labor flows to its most effective use at its natural market price. When competition is not allows, such as the government mandating minimum prices, the results are unemployment and under production. Continue reading

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