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nt wright on romans 8

From Surprised by Hope: This brings us to Romans 8, where we find a further image deeply embedded within the created order itself: that of new birth. This passage has routinely been marginalized for centuries by exegetes and theologians who … Continue reading

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understanding romans 9

In Romans 8, Paul makes an impassioned appeal that God saves those who live spiritually. To Paul, it is not the law that saves, but faith. Paul’s Roman audience (the Jews) would despise this (Paul was persecuted throughout the world … Continue reading

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God and predictability

A standard Calvinist criticism about God’s prophecy as it relates to Open Theism is that there are too many free will agents for God to be able to accurately predict the future. This criticism fails on multiple levels. The first … Continue reading

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why women are underrepresented in video game creation

The short story: women just do not like programming and video game design. The long version from a female indie game designer. She points out, as we should all expect, that women actually get “perks” rather than discrimination in the … Continue reading

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