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the terrible ending of the bet

The Bet is a very informative book by Paul Sabin. Sabin, an environmentalist, has nicely documented the history of the environmentalist doomsday prophets (e.g. Paul Ehrlich) and the prophets of plenty (e.g. Julian Simon). He does this through the events … Continue reading

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God begrudgingly appoints a king

In Exodus 18, Jethro sees that Moses has too much duties for one person. God had appointed Moses as head judge and it was too burdensome. Instead, Jethro devises a system of judges. All disputes in the land were handled … Continue reading

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God responds to rejection – genesis 6

Genesis 6 tells the story of a global flood in the days of Noah. (an anti-Christian website) has graced us by providing a fairly thorough list of flood stories from around the world. This was a real event. But … Continue reading

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augustine denied that God could speak

The Calvinist is always fixated on their Platonic ideas about God. As such, any time the Bible makes simple pronouncements, those have to be reinterpreted in light of the Platonic understanding of God. When the Bible says that God speaks, … Continue reading

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plato on the purpose of the mystery cults

The historians who study the issue tend to agree that Plato was initiated into the Mystery Cults of his time. Some say that he was singled out for revealing secret information about their teachings, although I have not found anything … Continue reading

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fun with the handicapped

Penn and Teller show some correct mistrust of the Americans with Disability Act. HT: Greg Perry Also see: why I oppose handicap parking spaces Disabling America the high cost of the ADA

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foxtrot on predestination

An old Foxtrot cartoon:

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Biblical interpretation

During a recent interview with Economist Russ Roberts, Emily Oster was recounting a debate she had with a doctor on the relative harms of various activities for pregnant ladies. She insisted that the data should lead us to the conclusions … Continue reading

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paul may have had a female companion

A commenter pointed out that Paul seems to be countering an unquoted critic in 1 Corinthians. This seems likely: 1Co 9:3 Mine answer to them that do examine me is this, 1Co 9:5 Have we not power to lead about … Continue reading

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why Biblical prophecies fail

Throughout the Bible there are failed prediction prophecies. I am not referring to prophecies that just were not clear prophecies in the first place (such as Matthews’ “fulfillments”). I am not also talking about prophecies that were fulfilled in an … Continue reading

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