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and God said

The Bible is filled with instances that present themselves as direct quotes from God. For example: Gen 6:7 “and the Lord said”. There are four possibilities of what this phrase could mean: 1. This is a direct quote from God. … Continue reading

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the hierarchy of understanding God

In the Bible there are three main ways that characteristics about God are communicated: 1. Statements God makes about himself 2. Statements the Bible makes about God 3. Statements that are quotes by third parties The natural inclination should be … Continue reading

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drugs are not as addictive as you think

In daily interaction with people it is hard to tell if their behavior is by choice or by mental compulsion. Do I drink a lot of Coke (Coca-Cola) because my mind needs it or do I drink a lot of … Continue reading

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mencken on greek philosophy

From A Mencken Chrestomathy: Is it seriously argued that Plato was the most enlightened Greek of his age? Then it may be argued with equal plausibility that Upton Sinclair has been the most enlightened American of this one. Item by … Continue reading

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on congressional pay

At work today one individual was complaining that Congress is still being paid during the government shutdown and also gets retirement benefits after only one term. Various complaints like this circle Facebook and new agencies from time to time. Here … Continue reading

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julian simon and his optimism on resources

From The Bet: Using the example of copper, Simon made his own extreme claims about mineral resource abundance. He rejected the idea that copper supplies would ever run out. More copper could be made from other metals, he said. “Even … Continue reading

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julian simon on betting

A bet is the quickest way to see if someone is intellectually honest or dishonest. It instantly makes someone reevaluate their position, and if they refuse to bet, they show that their position is dubious. Julian Simon seems to have … Continue reading

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stereotypes are useful

We have all been told in school not to stereotype. In one class, a teacher provided us a list of people and asked “which ones would you most like to live by?” She then listed all the normal sounding ones … Continue reading

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