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understanding satan

If a modern Christian is asked to draw a picture of who Satan is, Christians will probably draw a horned half-goat creature sitting in a throne in the pit of hell. This image is deeply imbedded into the American psyche. … Continue reading

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businesses compete with themselves

When people think of competition, they often do not understand that there are far more sources of competitive pressure than other businesses. Individuals might shift to DIY activities, like I did when I could not find sturdy, cheap shelving for … Continue reading

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price controls cause famines

Thomas Sowell, in his Basic Economics, has an excellent chapter on price controls. Because prices naturally settle at an equilibrium price, if the government uses artificial means to set prices then there will either be a shortage or a surplus … Continue reading

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the intellectual companions of modern leftism

Those who are classified as right-wing in modern America are often slandered as Nazis. This is a peculiar claim, as right wing Americans usually espouse individual liberty and economic freedom. The Nazis, on the other hand, were socialists to their … Continue reading

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arming rebels

A Facebook quote from a good friend: So… If we’re going to give the Syrian Rebels guns or other weapons, each recipient should have to go through the same background check proposed to be done on US citizens since the … Continue reading

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aw pink and the calvinists

AW Pink is an author with whom I have recently become acquainted. AW Pink is a Calvinist through and through. One of his books is dedicated to the express topic of the “Sovereignty of God”. His writing style is one … Continue reading

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the free market solution to free riders

I wrote this years ago to explain to a professor that free riders (specifically those gaining benefits from the free actions of other people in a market economy) is not a market failure: In a normal market economy both the … Continue reading

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the apostle paul and his relations with his enemies

The Apostle Paul was not necessarily a nice guy to his enemies, as judged by modern Christians. He seemed to hold deep grunges and wished destruction on his enemies. Often quoted is his verse to pray for one’s enemies: Rom … Continue reading

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erhman explains to skeptic the concept of historical evidence

Bart Ehrman does a good job explaining to a skeptic that historical evidence should be believed. He has to explain the entire concept of historical evidence to the skeptic. It is pretty funny.

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max jukes and calling out bad statistics

Today in Church the pastor decided to use an illustration to show how big a difference having a Christian father would have on children. He decided to quote a meme that is circulating about Max Jukes and John Edwards. The … Continue reading

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