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the greek origin of omniscience

The concept of omniscience in rooted in the idea of God’s “perfection”. In platonism, the perfect cannot change. Thus, if god changed (such as learning new information) then god would not be perfect. Omniscience, then, is an extension of platonistic … Continue reading

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angels or gods

Early anti-Christian Platonist Porphyry argues that Christians do not much differ from the pagans who believe in many gods because Christians believe in angels. As God rules over the angels, the pagans hold to a similar hierarchy. Porphyry does not … Continue reading

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movie review – Killing Jesus

Killing Jesus is a TV-movie adaptation of Bill O’Reilly’s work of the same name. The purpose of this movie seems to be to build a more historical portrait of Jesus, rather than the influx of spiritually focused TV films. The … Continue reading

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an overview of the mystery cults

[W]e may say that a Mystery-Religion was (I) a religion of symbolism which, through myth and allegory, iconic representations, blazing lights and dense darkness, liturgies and sacramental acts, and suggestion quickened the intuitions of the heart, and provoked in the … Continue reading

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gerson on dualism in plotinus

Plotinus and other Platonists identified matter with evil. Plotinus scholar, Lloyd P Gerson, explains their dualism in his pivotal work Plotinus: We have already encountered briefly Plotinus’ identification of matter with evil. Such an identification, along with the identification of … Continue reading

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understanding colossians 2

The book of Colossians was written by Paul to the Greek city of Colossae. Like all Paul’s writings, he interweaves popular memes and cultural icons into his message. Paul then takes these allusions and turns them on their head, pointing … Continue reading

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spirits have bodies

Joh 4:24 God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” It is repeated ad nauseam that God does not have a body because God is spirit. But this seems to be a modern construct, … Continue reading

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the development of predestination in augustine

From Augustine, Manichaeism and the Good by Kam-lun E. Lee (dissertation for the Saint Paul University, 1996): Augustine’s development of the idea of predestination reveals the Manichaean concept of the Good [the Summum Bonum] at work in three ways: on … Continue reading

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the record keeper – a review

The Record Keeper is a steampunk themed webseries centered around the angels’ perspectives as events occur throughout the Bible. If that sounds awesome, it is because it is awesome. The series was produced as an outreach project by Seventh Day … Continue reading

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plotinus reveals the mystery

The mystery cults were religious orders that existed from before the time of Plato. Mystery cults held their secrets very closely, hence the name. But modern readers can piece together their secrets with the varied sources that are in existence. … Continue reading

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