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Origen’s Neo-Platonism

Origen was an early merger of Neo-Platonism and Christian theology. In his writings, he represents creation as a departion from God. God is immutable and changeless. God, therefore, is not to be thought of as being either a body or … Continue reading

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omnipotence in platonism and in thomism

From Plotinus by Lloyd P Gerson: Where a creation metaphysics such as that of Aquinas differs from Plotinian metaphysics is in its claim that the [ἀρχή] of all is the sole cause not of the existence but of the being … Continue reading

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an overview of neo-platonism

Neo-Platonists during the first few centuries AD would never call themselves Neo-Platonists. To them they were just Platonists, teaching the teachings of Platonism. They expanded Platonism, as described in my previous article, developing the attributes of the Summum Bonum, their … Continue reading

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an overview of platonism

Platonism is simply the theology derived from the works of Plato. Plato had a scattering of works dealing with a varied number of subjects. Some of his works spoke as if the Greek gods were real, but this seems to … Continue reading

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augustine on the platonists

In City of God, Augustine has entire book dedicated to his love affair with the Platonists. From Book VIII: Let all those philosophers, then, give place, as we have said, to the Platonists… These philosophers, then, whom we see not … Continue reading

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augustine and his infatuation with the platonists

I have wrote before that Augustine only converted to Christianity after his mentor explained to him that the Bible could be taken figuratively and the Platonists were correct in their philosophy. Here are Augustine’s own words: Confessions, Book 6: 6. … Continue reading

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Christianity – platonism for the people

Friedrich Nietzsche famously stated that “Christianity is Platonism for the masses” in his introduction to Beyond Good and Evil. His reason for giving Christianity this label was because of Christian obsession with the supreme Good talked about in Plato. This … Continue reading

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platonic and calvinist interpretations

Calvinists have a tendency to read into specific texts some ideas that are not present. That is the only way they can still claim the Bible as true while holding onto their platonistic ideas. Philo of Alexandria was the first … Continue reading

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platonist concept of time

Here is Plato in Timeaus: …Now the nature of the ideal being was everlasting, but to bestow this attribute in its fulness [sic] upon a creature was impossible. Wherefore he resolved to have a moving image of eternity, and when … Continue reading

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intro to paul v the platonists

The Apostle Paul wrote his epistles between 50 and 60 AD. By this time Platonism had already been infused into both secular culture and popular religion. Both Paul’s writing and the writings of the other Apostles reveal a world entrenched in Platonic philosophy. Paul establishes a stern warning against the philosophy of the day Continue reading

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